Have you ever dreamed of competing against your idols, or champions in your sport?

What if a system would allow you to compete in real time, on a particular challenge designed by an Olympic Champion, from anywhere in the world, against anyone in the world, including some of the best swimmers in the world? Are you intrigued?

What if we told you that we at Swimlap are doing just this! Together with our partner Champions Crew, we are creating the biggest swimming competition in the world, starting next week!

Each challenge will include a specific technical skill. And we will have the best swimmer for this particular challenge.

This all start next week with 50m dolphin kick on your back. To participate, you need a small device from Swimlap, a so called SWIP, and a mobile phone with the latest version of our App (free download on Appstore). Find a 25m pool near you, and see that you are ready for start at 17:00, 18:00 or 19:00 Swedish time on Thursday, 21st of September next week. You have 3 possibilities to participate and the best time of the possible 3 will count. You will get immediately your time, and in the evening, we will publish the rankings, as well as the winners of a swim backpack from TYR.

This is the first of many challenges! Each month we will present you with a new challenge!

Some may think, but what if I want to create my own challenge?

That is what we think too!

Our goal is to make it easier for swimmers to challenge each other on your own defined challenge and without waiting for the next official competition. Do it as you want it, anytime, anywhere, against anybody of your choice!


Welcome to the world of Swimlap