Last weekend the UGP 3 competition for youngster was performed in Trollhättan. I was participated in the exhibition hall with our showcase during the hole Saturday. It was an early start transporting the showcase and install everything. The warm-up had already started since first race was set to 9 o’clock. It was a steady stream of parents, competitors and coaches passing by during the first stage of the day. It is always nice to talk to everyone and discussing how we together can make swimming interesting. I made many demonstrations about our Swimlap system and how the Swip are working. Since it was a little less to do in the second stage, I had the possibility to see and enjoy the all efforts from the young athletes. Highly motivated from the races during the day, I went for a long trail running training in the forest around my house. It is always nice to run on small paths with about all disturbers from traffic.

Early Sunday morning I went back to the swimming hall and the UGP competition. It was a day with more races, personal records and calcification to the Swedish championship for young people. In total a very good weekend. Later in the evening, I took my bike for a long ride on the roads around Trollhättan. The icing on the cake was to take a 25 minutes swim in the pool in the backside of the house.