As we describe on our site, we are not former swimmers which is our force to understand the difficulty of swimming and sometimes to get motivated. However, in order to develop the best possible product and answers to your need from beginners to elite swimmers, we have started a cooperation with Champions Crew. Champions Crew is a company founded by former World, Olympic and European Champions Lars Frölander, Stefan Nystrand and the now 8 World Record holder Sarah Sjöström!

The goal of Champions Crew is to help swimmers get the most out of their swimming, both in term of results but also motivation, in order to get more elite swimmers, with better levels but also that continue swimming in later ages. Associate fun and tuff requirement!

While Swimlap has been so far more focusing on recreational swimmers, Champions Crew complete us perfectly with a similar goal but for more elite swimmers.

This cooperation will result in great stuff coming, and see that Swimlap will deliver to the quality and needs of recreational and elite swimmers.

More details to come later in August!