In order to deliver the best system to all swimmers in the entire world we are taking in all feedback from our users and focus on answering to their needs. One of the main feature that our more advanced swimmers asked for is interval recognition.

And as you can see below, we are in full development of the algorithm and this feature to be included in the App before autumn. Thanks to this feature, your rest time will be spotted more precisely and the intervals will be identified clearly with a timing error of less than 1s.

Another feature that was asked was more details on your session such as time for each length. More statistics will be included in the version to be released new week. You will there be able to look at your statistics since you started to swim with Swimlap. This includes how much you swim per week, time in water spent per week, but also for each session speed for each length. Speed includes rest time for the moment which means that if you rested after a length this time will be included showing a lower speed. However, this will be much more precise when interval recognition will be included.

If you have any feature or statistic you desire, do not hesitate to contact us!

In parallel we have been asked by clubs and more elite swimmers to propose a specific system/application where coaches will be able to follow their swimmers over time, perform standard sessions, with real-time results and comparison with older sessions. We will have a first version ready for test beginning of August and then ready for club end of August. The system is based on our SWIP™ so it will be able to be used by swimmers both when they swim with their club but also when they practice alone. Information and details will be available for coaches and swimmers.

If you are a club interested, do not hesitate to contact us!