Will my SWIP be compatible with future updates ?

Sure! Your SWIP will be compatible with all future updates. So you only need to purchase it ounce, and then you will get a new system with new features for free for each update of the App!

Does the system work with all pool lengths?

YES. As standard the pool length is set to 25 m, but can be changed to 50 m and down to 10 m. So if you have a pool at home, just swim and enjoy!

Can I use the SWIP without sharing my results with others?

Yes. You can choose to make your profile private and then only you will be able to see your results.

Do I have to have an iPhone?

Since August 2016, services are available only for iOS, for iPad and iPhone. An app for Android is planned for end of 2017.

Do I need to have my Phone with me near the pool?

Yes. Your phone (or IPad or IPod) need to be close to the lane/side where you start, for example in your bag. In the future, swimming pool may be equipped with our system. In this case, only your SWIP will be needed.

Does the app work on all iPhone or iPad models?

Swimlap requires an iPhone 4S or greater and works on all third generation or better iPads.

Why is the device not registering my laps?

Various reasons can cause this situation. When swimming, ensure the following:

  • That your receiving device is not too far away from the pool; we recommend you have your phone 3-4 metres from your start block.

  • That you have line of sight between you and your phone (avoid having it blocked by concrete, metal or the like).

  • That you do not actively lock the screen.

What happens if I forget to turn off my SWIP?

The SWIP has a battery that is good for 1000 hours of operation, which approximates 5 hours per week of swimming over a two year period!

If you forget to turn off your SWIP, a notice will pop up in your phone to remind you to turn it off. If you are anyway unlucky and then battery is empty, send it back to us so that we can take care of the battery, and you can then purchase a new SWIP with 30% discount!

How do I see my laps swum?

Your results are directly available in your phone so that you and your friends or trainer (if you like) can follow you in realtime. This means that you will need to look on your phone to see your statistic between exercises by the side of the pool.

Does the system measure my arm revolutions?

The system does not currently show arm revolutions. This function has been tested and will be added in later updates.