The team

We are not professional swimmers and this is actually our strong suite. Our passion for swimming was ignited in middle-age when we participated in a swim course together and through the bond of training with each other. We wanted others to be able experience the feeling of training hard together, sharing our experiences and having a trainer to push us all – that’s why we created Swimlap.

However, to enable us to deliver quality guidance, experience and knowledge to swimmers at all levels we are pleased to have teamed up with Champions Crew.

Champions Crew was established by Swedish swimmers Lars Frölander, Sarah Sjöström and Stefan Nystrand, who together hold 2 Olympic Golds, 20 World Championship golds and 35 European Golds, plus a host of world records and International merits. The Vision for Champions Crew being to inspire and motivate young swimmers on their way to success by giving swimming clubs as well as individuals innovative challenges. Swimlap gives Champions Crew a tool to help them achieve their vision.

Our vision

Swimming is one of the most favourable forms of exercise for the body, so why aren’t there more people who swim? We are driven to create a product that can be accessible to all, which creates the desire and motivation to swim, that helps you to improve your swimming and encourages you to swim for exercise. The more Swimlap users there are, the more fun it is for everyone!